Informations :

Provided by the Association du Train Touristique Centre Var (ATTCV). The X-4900 railcars are 3 boxes and 2 Saurer engines of 425 cv, 13 units built from 1975 to 1977. They are the last version of the railcars type Caravelle : X-4300, X-4500, X-4630. They can travel in « multiple units » with any of the other versions up to a limit of 7 cases. They were authorized at 140 KM/H. The X-4903/4 started its career in Marseille before being transferred to Sotteville-les-Rouen in 1988. It was modernized in the early 2000s. It was retire in 2016 after having traveled 4.244.000 km. (source : ATTCV)


(Photo : ATTCV)

Rules on board :

No leaning
No smoking in the train
No drinking own alcohol