During the activities in the station and on board of the train, you will meet our guests:
characters, each more crazy than the next.



Mario et NénetteMario and Nénette, two strange creatures, clownish and unusual, fragile and disconcerting.

A little innocent, Mario is ready to do anything on the station to find his Nanette, very curious person. She often goes to meet the lost passengers of the Veyn’Art.

Together, Mario and Nénette invent and share with you an extraordinary slice of life.










Name: Micheline.
Profession: cleaning lady.
Age: What do I care?!

Micheline, the perfect woman, is very concerned about the maintenance and the cleanliness of the train.
True to her vocation, she has spent more than 42 years in the service of the railway.

With Micheline you can be sure to have a clean trip.






Aline, station manager


Aline, a specialized station agent, has a large experience in reception. She loves talking with everyone. She will be able to inform you, to guide you and to answer your requests with great patience and kindness.









Archibald Marsuin, train guide & other baroque characters


In a luxurious and refined environment, Marie-Antoinette, Counts, Countesses, Baronesses, Valets and favourites will travel among you with class and elegance.
No panic, if you get lost, count on Archibald Marsuin! He will be able to guide you.