Here is the casting for 2019






Guillaume AUBERT…

…is a teacher of accordeon and guitar in several music schools : the music school of Guillestrois Queyras, in the MJC of Briançon and in the Amicale Laïque de Chorges.

He plays in a folk band named Folk you since 2008. Moreover he used to play in many groups in the Hautes-Alpes : Tchavagenza, (gipsy jazz), the Semeuses (accordeon-lyric singing), the Queyras brothers and sisters (saxophonist-music of the world)…






Étienne RANGER…

Etienne RANGER…is an actor, a clown and a dancer.
He used to play in the street with Pile ou Versa Company, Le bateau de Papier Company, l’Art de Vivre or the S Company.

Indeed he lived in Japan where he practiced dance with Sakurai Hiro.

Etienne Ranger is commited. He performed (dance) a solo about Fukushima drama.

He took part in the staging for many shows and concerts.
In his own company named Coïncidences?, he involves clownish with other cultural fields.

He is a graduate from Samovar (clows school) and travels between clown, theater, contemporary dance  fanfare, stage production…





Nathalie TISON…

Nathalie Tison…studied in the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon before going at the École Supérieure des Arts Visuels in Geneva. Her works in visual arts are about the identity concept.
She took part in numerous exhibitions through France and Europe before moving to the Hautes-Alpes.

His encounter with the theater makes his plastic work evolve towards live performance and especially street theater. In 2012, Nathalie Tison established /creates a theater company named Liquidation Totale. She writes, interprets and stages shows, strolls and theatrical impromptu. She runs numerous workshops in the area.









Madeleine WEBB…


Casting 2018

…studied opera singing in the conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence. Then Madeleine worked in numerous professional vocal ensembles (Musicatreize, Arsys Bourgogne, Calliope…).

Moreover she regularly sings as an oratorio solist. She created Les Semeuses with the soprano singer Adèle Pons. In this ensemble, Madeleine Webb tries to spread the lyrical chant in the rural context.