Panoramic Trip : from Embrunais to Trièves






On the morning of 14th July, Veyn’art will go towards Lake Serre-Ponçon and

medieval town of Embrun.

In the afternoon, the train of arts is going to go towards Lus la Croix-Haute and will cross the Trièves. A stop in Clelles Mens station will be the occasion to admire the majestic Mount Aiguille.
Then the train will go back to Veynes.

On the end of the afternoon, you could go back to Embrun to see the alpine landscapes.
The journey ends in Veynes.

Artistic programme is coming soon.

illustration clelles embrun



Exact times to be confirmed:

Be careful ! The schedule below is for 2017

Exact prices to be confirmed!

 *Free for children under 4


Coming soon !


Coming soon !